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Goma, Nord-Kivu
Congo, Dem. Rep. of the
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KVRInfoTech offers a wide range of web site design plans. We open the local market, in D.R. Congo, to affordable and professional web design services. We use open source Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Joomla! and WordPress or custom-built CMS.

Note: “#” indicates functions that may influence cost.

  • Static web pages, no CMS, a picture slider in flash
      • $200 : Starter Plan No. 1
        • Free public template – no customization except the logo and title.
        • 1 – 2 weeks. #your level of readiness.
        • 7 pages max.
        • We offer free material on website management and basic training.
        • We optimize your pictures and articles for better ranking in search engines. #amount of information you want to publish.
      • $350 : Starter Plan No. 2
        • You choose a free template then we customize the logo, colors, menus and background graphics. We do not change the structural layout of the template.
        • 1 – 3 weeks depending on your requirements and readiness.
        • 10 pages max.
        • We optimize your content. #amount of information you want to publish.
        • Optional basic training in website management and picture editing.
      • $500 : Starter Plan No. 3
        • We build from existing template or from scratch. We customize the logo, colors, menus, background graphics and layouts.
        • 3 – 4 weeks depending on your requirements and readiness.
        • 15 pages max.
        • A basic newsletter and a component for managing registered users. #number of functionalities.
        • Optional training in website management, picture editing, flash movie creation and embedding into web pages. #amount of information you want to publish.
      • Valid XHTML, HTML, and CSS.
      • Contact Form with multiple destinations.
      • Spam protection.
      • We register the site with popular search engines.
  • Interactive website with dynamic content and a backend CMS
      • $800: foundation build - required.
        • Free public or custom-built template, logo and background graphics.
        • Installation of Joomla! or WordPress. #need to use a different CMS.
        • 3 – 6 weeks depending on your requirements and readiness. #time span of payment installments.
        • Valid XHTML, HTML, and CSS.
        • JavaScript
        • Ajax, Java Applets, Ajax, and Flash with ActionScript. #the complexity of your requirements.
        • Contact forms.
        • Anti spam.
        • We optimize your pictures and articles for better ranking in search engine. #number of pictures and size of articles.
        • We continually carry out search engine optimization - SEO. #scope of advertising and SEO campaigns.
        • We provide training in content management and photo editing techniques. #number of trainees and duration of programs.

Additional modules depend on your needs. You may also choose to manage them yourself. “Integrated” means that the application will share data with the Information System you operate, ex. online class management system linked to your student information system.

    • Photo Gallery: $100 (JavaScript or Flash). #system capacity and number of functionalities you need.
    • Discussion Forum: $200. #number of functionalities you need.
    • Community library or database: $200. #system capacity and number of functionalities.
    • Video library: $200. #Third party application (ex. Youtube) or custom-built, load capacity, number of functionalities, genre of material you distribute and expected size of audience.
    • Live chat component: $200. #system capacity, also number of functionalities.
    • School – integrated class registration & transcripts management system: $2000. #size and classification of institution, additional functionalities, level of integration with other systems.
    • Hotel – integrated online reservation & room management systems: $2500. #size and classification of the establishment, additional functionalities, and mostly your business-specific requirements.
    • E-commerce with web catalog, shopping cart, and a bundle of online marketing strategies: $3000.#size of catalog, additional security requirements, scope of marketing strategies.
      • Complete E-commerce solution with online payment processing , integrated inventory component: included.