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Do you need a website?

You might be asking yourself: I have fared well without a website, why would I need one now? The answer is simple, for “advertising” and advertising is “marketing”.

"Marketing is the means of creating demand of your products and services through educating the market place while Advertising is luring customer to buy your products or services. By educating the potential clients, you can transform them into a customer when you convince them to select you as a vendor."

To achieve this you need to do three things:

  • The customer first has to know that you exist and where to find you i.e. either physical or virtual location.
  • You have to convince them that you understand their problems and you can supply a solution. This requires that they put trust in you.
  • You have to display knowledge and expertise about the product or services you are offering or selling.

So can a business accomplish this without using the internet and setting up a website?

Yes, but the question remains, can they do it as WELL as and as QUICKLY as someone who takes advantage of the power of the internet? How about cost effectiveness or local market accessibility?

Well, let’s look at some facts:

- Internet is becoming increasingly accessible to people in D.R. Congo through Internet Cafés, personal ISP solutions, corporate connections, etc. This means that you should not worry about the ability of your website to reach the local market. You should even worry less if you are targeting a global market.

- After acquiring a website, the most important (and really the only) thing left to do is to market its “www.yourdomainname.com” i.e. make people aware of it and get good visibility in major search engines. Once this is done, it’s up to your business services and products to transform potential clients into lifetime clients. That’s why, at KvrInfoTech, we take time in understanding your business activities before we start any website or software development project. 

“Successfully aligning your website to your business activities is perhaps the most important factor that will determine the fate of your website project.”

- It is easier for potential clients to inquire about your services and products online than having to physically get down to your shop or office. Moreover, you can use your website and other web applications such as webmail to automate the processing of potential and existing clients inquiries, saving you time and money.

- Websites are cheaper… Yes, that's right “CHEAPER”. Most of the recurrent fees involved in acquiring and sustaining a website are annual and less expensive compared to the amount of money you might have to spend on paper, radio, TV or other print media advertising campaigns to reach the same level of market awareness.

If you have read this far then you might be interested in the technical skills that we have gathered at KvrInfoTech to make your website and software development projects successful.