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Website maintenance encompasses all the work that is done after your website has been designed, reviewed and put online. Maintenance is a continuous process that, if not done with diligence, will lead to the failure of your website project. At KVRInfoTech, we understand this fact very well and that's why we offer FREE maintenance* for the first 3 months to clients that have trusted us with the development and hosting of their websites.

We have set a range of price for each service instead of a fixed amount to match the variability of your needs. The final price will depend on the requirements specific to your project.

1. Occasional maintenance

  • interface facelifts : $100 - $300
  • interface redesign: $250 - $480
  • updating existing website with new content: $10 per paragraph and $5 per image. We charge per paragraph to emphasize the importance of organizing your articles – this plays a key role in achieving better search engine ranking.
  • Organizing a database:
    • Records: the cost will depend on the size of the data.
    • Scripts: the scripts to manipulate the database are usually part of a website's component – see last section for details.

2. Contracted webmaster: 3 – 12 months contract

  • interface facelift : $150 - $200
  • interface redesign: $250 - $300
  • update existing websites:
    • Every two weeks: $30/month
    • Monthly: $20/month
    • Any-time: $50/month
  • This contract option includes:
    • ✓  texts and graphics publishing,
    • ✓  keywords selection,
    • ✓  check for spelling and grammar,
    • ✓  regular analysis of web statistics,
    • ✓  professional recommendations.
  • The cost of updating components such as photo galleries varies a lot. It is negotiated on a case-to-case basis.
  • We also design and manage online marketing campaigns.


* We offer the first three months free with a 12 months maintenance contract. The remaining 9 months are billed the standard rate.